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Peanut snacks

Just try them! You’ll definitely want more!
Our signature tastes.

This is the Denroku top selection of peanut snacks.
We have many popular products including “Porippy” (salty, spicy peanuts) with a burst of pleasant aroma and flavor, and “Umiajisen” (assorted seafood and peanuts). Making the most of the original ingredients, their taste is very exquisite.


With the highest quality ingredients.

Our large variety of assorted snacks made of the highest quality ingredients include “Aji no Kodawari” (high selection of rice crackers) and others. They are available in mini bags. Enjoy their fresh taste!


They go very well with peanuts.
Highly selected chocolates.

Just like we are very selective about the peanuts we use for our products, we have a 40-year history of making some of the most delicious chocolates. Our peanut chocolates (freshly roasted peanuts coated with some chocolate) are very popular.


Highly selected ingredients
Unique preparation method

Not only do we have a long history of picking the best peanuts for our products, but we also carefully select high quality nuts from around the world. The seasoning is mild and allows you to feel and enjoy the natural taste of the nuts. You will certainly love them.

Corporate vision

Study beans thoroughly and
use them to create happiness!

Our management decisions are always based on a customer first philosophy.
We aim to provide a great deal of value to mankind by delivering very delicious, safe and high quality products to our customers.

Our pledge to customers
and consumers

Our Customer First Philosophy
  1. We pledge to make some of the best and most delicious products in Japan.
  2. We pledge to make products which meet consumers’ expectations.
  3. We pledge to deliver our products to our customers while they are fresh.
  4. We pledge to make products which are safe and healthy.
We realize the importance of mutual
trust in management

It is a top priority for our company to earn and maintain the trust of consumers, customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, local communities, and everyone involved in business with us. Our corporate management is based on mutual trust.

Our activities are global

We are constantly looking for the most delicious peanuts all over the world. We have been rated highly as a leader in the industry for our positive attitude. Located in Zaonomori which offers a magnificent view of the Zao Mountain Range in Yamagata (the city of safflowers in Japan), we are blessed with nature and humanity. We offer a wealth of delicious products to our customers with the best ingredients available in the world, and we will strive to keep amazing our customers with the taste and quality of our products.

Corporate Profile

Company Name
Denroku Co., Ltd.
Ryuichi Suzuki, President/ CEO
Head Office
3-2-45 Kiyozumimachi,
Yamagata 990-8506 Japan
November 1924
May 1953
Line of business
Manufacturing and selling of confectionery
425 million yen
Number of employees
(as of March 31,2024)
Main Factory
3-2-45 Kiyozumimachi,
Yamagata 990-8506 Japan
Tel: +81 -(0)23-644-4422
Site area: 22,264 m²
Building area: 24,705 m²
Zaonomori Factory
1 Zaonomori, Kaminoyama,
Yamagata 999-3104 Japan
Site area: 86,323 m²
Building area: 34,065 m²
Tokyo, Osaka, Sendai, Yamagata, Nishi-Tokyo, Fukuoka
Sales Offices
Nagoya, Sapporo, Hiroshima
Liaison Offices
Koriyama, Morioka, Niigata, Matsumoto, Shizuoka, Hokuriku

What kind of company is DENROKU?

Our slogan is: MAME life

In Japanese, MAME means beans.
It also means hardworking, dedicated, and fruitful.
We dedicate our lives to putting smiles on people’s faces all over the world with the snacks we make by using the highest quality beans in the world. “Mame life” is the dedicated and prosperous kind of life that we enjoy living and aim to share with everyone.

Little beans bearing big smiles!

For our snacks put smiles on thousands of people’s faces all over the world. Every minute we spend at work is a true delight.

Your health in mind, with each single grain

Our whole activity has always been about beans.
As beans contain the nutrients required for our health in the right proportions.
More than making snacks, we make healthy human bodies and minds.

Our pledge

We pledge to make the most delicious and safe products possible with the know-how we have developed throughout our years in the industry. We aim to provide people with some very healthy products that they can truly enjoy. We are always looking for various beans, and we are determined to communicate the wonderful benefits of beans and the bean culture to the entire world.